High quality output

The lawyers of ELB Partners have rich experience in legal consulting and other related services. We offer a wide variety of legal services concerning corporate law and banking.  A few examples of our recent work:

Provided a legal opinion on Performance Contract between Oyu Tolgoi LLC and Contractor Company.

Provided legal opinion for XacBank on a leasing agreement.

Provided legal opinion for Tavan Bogd LLC on its construction agreement.

Provided legal opinion on investment agreement of Schulze Global Investment LLC.

Established a subsidiary of UBSPP, Singaporean invested company, and drafted its sale and purchase agreement concerning a construction project.

Established “Morning Star Land” LLC, a company with Singaporean investment and provided  legal opinion  and legal  memorandum on corporate governance matters and legal environment of construction.

Established “AustMon Investment Group” LLC  and “Propercity Construction” LLC companies with  People’s  Republic of Chinese, and provided legal memorandums and  consulting service on legal environment of investment management and immovable property. As a result of our work, “AustMon Investment Group” LLC and “Propercity Construction” LLC are duly established and successfully leading its business in Mongolia.

Provided a consulting service on corporate governance, share transfer and patent of international products for an power dispatching company.

Provided legal consulting service on establishment of a legal entity with Australian and Lebanese investment and on infrastructure project, and drafted corporate governance documents for the company.

In addition to the foregoing, we provide other legal services such as legal due diligence, issue of legal opinion, establishment and incorporation, review and draft of a document for foreign investment companies and other corporations.

The firm conducts legal due diligence for our clients on their business interests in Mongolia.  The due diligence process may include, at the discretion of our clients, the review of all the legal documents of the targeted business or a review of limited documentation as well as public checks. Our law firm conducted a legal due diligence on the legitimacy of a land in connection with a sale and purchase of a construction project. Most recently, we completed a legal due diligence on the mining company with Swiss investment.

The lawyers of ELB Partners are licensed attorneys-at-law of the Association of Mongolian Advocates and represent its clients in judicial proceedings. Our successful representations include MCS International LLC, New Progress Group LLC, Ochir Tuv LLC and other limited liability companies at civil court. Most recently, we represented the interests of Gobi Corporation before French individuals and companies.

ELB Partners is well experienced in bankruptcy proceedings. We represent our clients in bankruptcy cases not only in Mongolian jurisdictions, but also in other jurisdictions. Our recent experience in a bankruptcy proceeding is representing our client in a European country. Currently, we are working on a multi-million dollar bankruptcy case in relation with a Mongolian manufacturing company.

Our firm is rendering following services to our foreign clients regarding to investor card, visa, visa permission and residency permission:

  • Provide legal assistance on obtaining investor’s visa permission from relevant state authority and extend the visa;
  • Provide legal assistance on obtaining and extending the multiple entry visa permission;
  • Provide legal assistance on obtaining and extending the certificate of alien registration for foreign investors and their family members.
  • Provide legal assistance on obtaining and extending an employment visa and certificate of alien registration for foreign employers and their family members.

The scope of work of our law firm is expanding vigorously and we are now providing permanent legal service for foreign and domestic legal entities and individuals of People’s Republic of China, Switzerland, Australia, Republic of Singapore and Republic of Lebanon by concluding long term legal service agreements with our clients.